Kiplinger Article

Private firms plan to boost hiring of new college grads by 13.5% this year, with an increase in nearly every field…accounting, engineering, sales, etc.  The newcomers will also nab higher starting salaries for the first time since 2008.  The average for a 2011 grad with a bachelor’s degree: $50,034.  One cloud: Government offices will hire 10% fewer grads than last year.

One branch of the Government with plenty of jobs in the pipeline: the military.  The Army hopes to expand its active duty force by 60,000 over the next five years, to about 550,000 men and women.

To bring recruits aboard: Generous signing bonuses…$20,000- $45,000 in some cases.  In 1998, the typical bonus was just $6,000.  Young men and women who are fluent in a foreign language or have technical skills will earn the most cash.

Other carrots: Better housing and more liberal health care plans.