Email – Death by PowerPoint/Think Before you SEND!

boredom in a presentation

Ever experienced “Death by PowerPoint?”  Audiences expect the best; a poor presentation leaves a lasting negative impression.  But, there is ‘life after death,’ says Dr. Julie Miller of Business Writing That Counts. I totally agree. My experience as a keynote speaker has taught me that you have options whether to use PowerPoint when addressing an audience.

Here’s a few ways to determine what tools to use:

  1. Gauge both the size of the audience and the size of the room
  • Are you creating a ‘show-n-tell” presentation to a board of directors sitting around a conference table; or using PowerPoint to make your point on a large screen to a room of 1,000 attendees because they can’t really see you?
  1. Gauge what kind of presenter you are
  • Is the PowerPoint for the audience or to help you stay on track?
  1. Decide what you want the audience to take away
  • Does the PowerPoint double as a handout to the participants; i.e. do you email it to them when they give you their business card?

And Another Thing…

“If your employees use email in any capacity – take heed!  “Every written word is a potential legal disaster.  Now is the time to take action!  Awareness of the issues surrounding the electronic age (and how to prevent the fallout) is the key to your firm’s survival,” says Dr. Miller.

YIKES!  Take heed, indeed!  You do know that an email is legal and enforceable, eh?  Do you ever wonder what your employees are sending out into the universe per email, social media, text?  Do you have policies in place to monitor the time and verbiage used?  You may want to check those HR policy manuals.  You may want to sign up for one of Dr. Miller and Jeanette Nydens webinars on these subjects.

“Sometimes it is more important to discover what one cannot do, than what one can do.” –  Lin Yutang

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