Does your vision need LASIK?

Your Vision

LASIK eye surgery procedures work because a person’s vision is not nonexistent. Instead, the existing vision needs to be clarified and sharpened. In tough times, it takes a focused leader with sharpened vision to navigate through the jungle of adversity.

Be a true visionary. Sharpening your vision includes taking control of the environment, not letting it control you. A true business vision has clear objectives and defines your daily tasks. Know exactly what you want and be strategic in getting it.

Review your map. Check your business vision for clarity and complete understanding across the board of your company. Be proactive in your strategy. Empower your team to outthink and outperform your competition.

Check your “windshield.” Are there “floating objects” that cloud your vision? A true business vision by definition eliminates time-consuming, non-productive tasks.

Elevate your game. True performers perform in the clutch when behind. Think Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods. Build on existing successes. Change things up if need be.

There have always been visionaries who found a way to succeed no matter how tough the times. You can become one of them by sharpening your vision.