Lunch Breaks

What lunch break?  A new survey finds that fewer than half of employees find time for a lunch break every day.

Words, words, words. All I ever hear is words.

Steve Ventura inserted this wonderful “Crash Course in knowing the most important words to say” in his book entitled, WORKING RIGHT – Straight-talk Strategies for Personal and for Professional Success.

This is a Million Dollar Story

Million Dollars

I wrote the Million-Dollar Story in 1996 at the request of Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen. It was published in one of their first Chicken Soup for the Soul books.

The Wisdom of the (Business) Masters

Leaders, Managers, Salesman … Dust off all those old books in your library and reintroduce yourself to the wisdom of the Masters (some of which you can buy as an Apple app.)

The Power of Resilience

Rock Climbers Helping Each Other

Anyone who has ever attempted to do anything significant knows that nothing worthwhile comes easily. Here are four things to learn as you develop resilience…