KPost Company

Focus: Issue/Solution Based Strategic Plan

"Petey helped me focus on the "quality of time", both professionally and personally. She helped me balance my responsibilities between KPost Company and National Roofing Partners. Her assistance in hiring my assistant and redefining the job duties to help me attain our desired goals has changed my life. Her insight into employee generational differences has helped us reach new heights within our company. I wholeheartedly recommend Petey's services. Be prepared to be challenged beyond your comfort zone, pushed to reach your potential and made accountable to reach your goals."

Steve Little

KPost Roofing, founded in November 2003, is a full-service roofing contractor with 200 employees headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Their services include roofing, waterproofing, sheet metal and lightweight deck for commercial businesses. The new Dallas Cowboys Stadium at Arlington, Texas is among many of their high profile projects. The company was on pace to do $24 million worth of business in 2008, totaling $84 million in its first five years.


Petey was hired as a business coach for the president of KPost Company and to help senior management control the company instead of the company’s fast growth controlling the management. Petey needed to reposition the perceptions and expectations of the president’s efforts spent versus the rate of return. His time was spent not only as president, but also as the COO, department head, and coach/mentor. His desire was to get focused, be in control of his time and his position while encouraging and empowering others at KPost to do the same. (He faced similar challenges as president of National Roofing Partners, a national trade organization.)

Action Steps:

  • Create a benchmark to define and prioritize time spent as a Leader, Manager, Coach/Trainer, Sales, Branding, Social or Wasting Time compared to the desired goal befitting the title and responnsibilities of President.
  • Deliberate steps were put in place for him to consciously coach without enabling, delegate and empower the levels of management, as well as directing his time, talent and energy toward being president.
  • Establish an Issue/Solution based Strategic Plan conducted by the Executive Committee with input from participating employees including the agenda, advance surveys, onsite participatory communication along with follow up procedures and measurements.
  • Petey contributed to the interview process for hiring and upgrading the position of an executive assistant using a series of formulas to disclose skill, knowledge, attitude and behavior.
  • Petey challenged the president during the decision making process and held him accountable to the agreed plan to reach the desired end goals.


Petey’s strategic plan gave the president new time management skills which created measurable productivity and helped the department leaders become empowered to rise to the challenge. Petey also helped hire an executive assistant among hundreds of resumes submitted with newly designed job duties to coincide with the president’s desired end goals. The company organization chart was redesigned and a succession plan implemented to meet the goals of the owner and senior management. The Issue/Solution Strategic Plan resulted in shared values and direction with immediate and lasting company buy-in.