Janney Montgomery Scott

Focus: Executive Coaching

"Petey has been a tremendous help to me in her role as a coach. In Petey, I have someone who listens intently, often acting as a calming force and then providing advice and direction to help me make the correct decisions – letting logic rather than emotion dictate my actions. In not always telling me what I want to hear, Petey ensures that business decisions are made for the right reason. Petey has been instrumental in helping me grow as a leader, manager and person."

Andrew Klausner
Former Director, Wealth Management Services

Janney Montgomery Scott, LLC is a full-service investment firm headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Janney has approximately 100 full-service investment offices in various locations along the East Coast. Over 1,000 Janney financial consultants service more than 350,000 customers nationwide.


The wealth management services manager, Andy Klausner, was given the responsibility of transforming an office that has had few changes in 18 years. Every aspect within the company was going to experience some change – from dress code and expenses to
computer programs and performance reviews. Andy was confronted with the challenge of identifying employees who were an asset to the company and those who would not evolve with company. Petey was hired to coach Andy as he implemented change management and transition.

Action Steps:

Petey implemented a strategy that included:

  • On-site research of current company policies
  • Scheduling meetings via conference call and email to provide strategic thinking and an honest and objective perspective


Petey’s expertise in change management has helped guide Andy through the transformation of the office. Her consistent coaching succeeded in confirming his confidence by acting as a brain trust and easing his frustration while he works through his strategy of developing new company policies.