Billingsley Company

Focus: Customer Service

"Petey Parker is the best! When I needed a strategist, a personal advisor, someone who could see into our company in ways that we cannot see ourselves, Petey rose to the occasion. With her hands-on approach, which included focus groups, team esteem programs and training, she set new standards and energized our sales and management teams. Her honest observations and educated suggestions truly embodied the spirit of Billingsley Company and Austin Ranch and have helped make life simpler and more effective for all. Petey has been instrumental in the rebirth of our branding."

Lucy Crow Billingsley
President, Billingsley Company

Billingsley Company has 3,200 acres of master-planned developments. One of their largest holdings, Austin Ranch, includes a suite of amenities: a multifamily community with 1,400 lofts, townhomes and apartments; retail centers; a conference center; miles of hike and bike trails; a health club; parks; lakes and Los Robles Nature Preserve.


The staff in the leasing office lacked management and became resistant to change. Petey was hired to increase the morale and productivity of the entire Austin Ranch staff; to raise the bar and set the standard.

Action Steps:

Petey implemented a strategy that included:

  • Meetings and confidential surveys with management, employee base as well as internal and external focus groups
  • Spending a significant amount of time on site at Austin Ranch to see the organization from the residents’ point of view
  • Assimilating the information into categories and priorities focusing primarily on systems and communication
  • Communicating research results to management to solve, resolve and improve each category
  • Creating a team esteem program based on Raving Fans
  • Conducting a customized training program
  • Analyzing job descriptions and realigning personnel
  • Participating in a branding conversion


Petey’s step-by-step strategy resulted in the staff having a better appreciation of their peers, increased morale and productivity, and ultimately sales. Petey’s strategy was so successful in the leasing office at Austin Ranch, she was hired to coach members of the executive staff at Billingsley Company, owner of Austin Ranch.