Book Review – The Naked Manager. By Eileen Dowse

The eight bare essentials of the book should be tempting enough to want to read it in total:

1) Sagging with gravity: the need for support systems

2) Elective surgery: taking the organ out of the organizations (problems caused by change … and their solutions)

3) Exposing yourself: being au natural from all angles (conveying your truths in a way people can hear you)

4) Big BUTS:  positive attitudes and creative minds. (encouraging creativity and innovation)

5) Birthmarks:  using uniqueness to your advantage

6) From ear to ear:  communicating accurately

7) Natural instincts: using your intuition

8) That’s the spirit:  spirituality in the workplace

One of my favorite points of the book deals with who owns the problem; and what to say and do once that is established.  Another poignant chapter deals with the BUTS we cling to.

Well no buts about it, The Naked Manager is fun, enlightening, knowledgeable, easy to read and packed full of common sense basics that work.

The book was published by Oakhill Press and can be purchased on Amazon.

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